Fill any existing requests (to the best of your ability) before requesting


Minimum of 100 donations per season (2 weeks)


Please keep the clan chat respectful and mature. Joking around (and swearing) is not a problem just be sure not to take it too far.


Default troop for donation is the archer (please do not give barbs, giants or wb), specific requests are okay however demanding troop types you yourself can’t make (outside of war) is considered bad mannered. Members, however, are encouraged to request the best troops for their war attacks.. everyone wants to win, and we are happy to make you our strongest troops!


Members will need to download kik messenger if they do not already have it.


All war castle donations should be filled according to the team comps (on kik), helping is voluntary.


Both attacks should be used (with heroes) every war, without exception. However, members can opt out before war for any reason, and without repercussion. TH7s & TH8s must attacks before the last 4 hours of war.


War is currently held 3 times a week, and starts at 8 PM EST (see countdown at the top of the site). A base can be reserved for your first attack if you intend to use it in the first 2 hours of war (please select the highest base you are confident to 3 star). After the 2 hour grace period, attacks will be assigned by a Co.


To use them against a TH8 base, members must have at least level 4 hogs. Against a TH9 base, level 5 hogs required.


Promotions are earned not given. All promotions are voted on and a meeting is held every 3 wars (once a week) to determine players who deserve recognition. Factors taken into consideration are donations, and helpful participation in war & chat.