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  1. encourageable encourageable says:

    Here’s the (unconfirmed) rumor as to how the EXP works:

    It’s based on TH lvl, defensive strength, troops lvl.

    There’ll be XP-penalty just like loot-penalty, if a TH10 crushes a TH8.

    At the end, if you win, your average stars gained will function as an XP multiplier. So if win and get 150 XP with an average of 1.3 stars, you get 150*1.3 = 195 XP.

    lvl 2 XP needed 500
    lvl 3 XP needed 1000
    lvl 4 XP needed 2500
    lvl 5 XP needed 5000
    lvl 6 XP needed 10000
    lvl 7 XP needed 20000
    lvl 8 XP needed 35000
    lvl 9 XP needed 60000
    lvl 10 XP needed 100000

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